Laurel leaf mirror with nest. (Lighted). 2800.

57” x 23” x 10”(d). Mirror is 48” x 10”

Hand forged steel polished and sealed with matte clear. The frame on this one is OUTSTANDING, complex with all the charms. Hand forged leaves welded in place by Rockhold. The nest is FAB, just doesn’t get any better than this. Well it does, LIGHTING! Perfect for a powder room….

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Birch tree with lichens, moss and nest (Mirror) 2300.

This custom hand made mirror is 70”x 46” x 10” Projection with a 48” x 12” mirror

Stamped leaves that Rockhold has shaped by hand. Hand forged bark, lichen and nest are AMAZING! Fabulous sculptural work that draws you in for a closer look.

504-723-6001 TO PURCHASE TEXT/IM/DM. PayPal or Venmo accepted