Grape vine daybed in semi polished steel

This doubles for my sofa at the moment. Many of my works start out their new lives in my home, for what would my work be if I myself didn’t spend many hours in its presence studying! This one is REALLY cool and I for sure will lay back and enjoy the shadows on the ceiling. Handmade the posts are 3” at the floor to 1” top that break into branches reaching for the center. The grape clusters are exquisite with deep blues, purple and chrome. The leaves are hand forged and bent during the cutting process individually.

7500. One in stock for immediate shipping! 8’ tall standard daybed mattress fits perfect and sits 10-12” off the floor.

“Grape clusters on the vine“ sculptural lighting

What you see here is so much more in person! One of Rockhold’s latest works and by far the finest rendition of the grape vine. This is handmade and forged in his New Orleans studio, you really should stop in for a viewing. As all designs we can make a particular size ready to install for you and he has this one in stock currently.

4500. 47”x 32”x 36”(h) in stock and ready to ship in natural steel!

“Medusa“ chandelier

A smaller piece in natural steel and ready to paint. 20” x 32” approx. and really amazing from below. Long tendrils inter winding as gravity brings them downward. All handmade and with three 60 watt lights it has great shadows!

600. and we can work out a finish that works for your place or matte clear over the natural steel! Ready to ship or pick up.

Bonsai pine with weaver nest table lamp

Hand forged steel and incredibly aged naturally. The nest on this one is a Weaver bird type and totally Rockhold. His nests are hand woven and just gorgeous to look at. The lamp is about 48” tall with a 16” shade also natural steel with gold leaf inside., Wonderful warm light! The trunk is hand placed and welded bark chips with pine needle clusters welded to branch ends. There is a lot of hours that goes into Rockhold’s sculptures and this lamp is a lovely one of a kind piece.

2100. One available for shipping or pickup!

“Original” New Orleans oak tree beds

This is Rockhold’s design that was first made some 20+ years back and is as popular and exciting today. Shown in polished steel with a amber clear to give some age to the sculpture and this bed is definitely sculpture! It is designed in sections that are easy to move/ship and will fit in freight elevators. They are made custom and ready in 30 days. Call/IM/DM/TEXT David for pics and info and feel free to design your own with a particular tree that fits in your region!
12500. for the (Queen Size) oak tree bed shown and we have 1 in stock ready to go!