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Rockhold’s trees are some of the best in the country. After 30 years he has made some awesome pieces. Each with its own identity.

Currently finishing up a 20’ x 20’ stainless steel Japanese Magnolia. Incredible textured finish on this one. His tree disassemble into movable and ship able pieces.

The finest custom tree beds available from New Orleans artist, David C. Rockhold.
”In the Wind”, daybed from Rockhold’s imagination. Incredible bark on this one and hundreds of hand forged leaves. Inspired by a single tree on a mountain standing alone. Sculpted by the constant winds.
“In the Wind” Rockhold’s newest oak tree daybed! Hand forge bark chips cover this flowing trunk and branch structure. This all breaks down into ship able pieces and ease for moving.
The artist in his natural habitat, LOL. Custom lighting is one of his favorites. Art and illumination come together in the perfect presentation.
Hand forged steel with hundreds of Black oak leaves.
Laying under a canopy of leaves in this GORGEOUS oak tree daybed…
Each design unique and handmade. The leaves are hand hammered and the acorns are turned by hand. Artisan crafted sconces are the BEST!
“Pyramid lighting”, by Rockhold in gold leaf. This is a pair of sconces with 3 LED lights 60watt equivalent!
Pyramid sconce can be made in any configuration as well as color scheme. This pair is gold leafed and simply INCREDIBLE!
Custom handmade ‘’Babs” sculptural lighting. This one is 6’ x 4’ x 10” and finished in polished steel with ionized bronze.

Installed at our clients home along with some BEAUTIFUL custom stools!
Custom tables in 30 day turnovers are handmade and finished in Rockhold’s studio!
David makes a wonderful hand forge bamboo. Check out this coffee table!
Made in three pieces you have some room to expand the size as well change the look of this piece. A beautiful sculpture for your living space!
Serving table in Montana gold. Frame work is 2” material and this on stands around 28”- 29” tall. We have a few different versions of this style and as always they are handmade to order so let your imagination free to create.
A pleasing shape for sure. All handmade in David’s New Orleans studio.
Marble top for this incredible cast iron base. Client chose these castings for their custom table.

Seamless tops are available on this metal top beauty. BELOW top has a seam and to is fabulous!
Hammered steel legs with hand faceted table top edges are GORGEOUS. WE HAVE A STEEL TOP ON THIS ONE!
COOL faux finish on this handmade bench! Magnolia sculpture is a prototype for a chandelier Rockhold made, AMAZING!!
Classic bench with GORGEOUS cast iron legs. Handmade in Rockhold’s studio in custom sizes. Shown in polished steel with matte clear.
2” boarder and arm with 1/4” piping with solid seat ready for custom pad and pillows.
Cast iron legs and a beautiful hand forged cross members with wraps. Those incredible feet are signature Rockhold. COLORS are optional and the skies the limit!
The backless daybed version is a simple stunner. Polished steel with gold accents!
Custom lighting created with interior designer for this fabulous restaurant!
Rockhold works in 30 day timelines to get your project done with exceptional one of a kind pieces. Set yourself apart as a designer and make custom pieces to showcase your talents.
Designing in the studio a BEAUTIFUL oak tree for commissioned work to be wall mounted. The gold gilded leaves with a touch of burnt umber have a lovely fall feel.

In it’s new home with LEDS lightning install! 10’ x 10’ x 12” deep this is a incredible piece for this congregations home.
Made in shippable pieces it was easy to deliver and install. The lighting is adjustable and illuminates the art work beautifully!
Lovely oak table for dining with the perfect little nest for client’s collected egg.
In polished steel these tables are timeless works to be loved for generations!
Gorgeous custom stools! This one the ”Chauvin” in 12k whit gold is a amazing piece with brass accents.
The custom beds Rockhold makes are again handmade and each individually constructed from steel. ‘“New Orleans Oak” is a queen bed with hundreds of hand forged leaves.
The frame is polished steel with a amber clear that ages the work perfectly!
The array of hand forged leaves is quite amazing to sleep under. Designed after picnics in the park!
One of a kind sculptural lighting ”Grape on the vine” is all handmade by Rockhold. This on in natural steel has a incredible presence with hand forged leaves made in house!
From below it can be amazing just to explore with its clusters of grapes and reach tentacles. OUTSTANDING and even more so in person!
The shadows created by each piece are truly incredible adding to the overall depth of each work. Shown here a daybed with old growth vines leading up to a full canopy.
Clusters of grapes and hand forge leaves. Love the tendrils reaching out! So much for the eyes to explore.
”Mary Ellen” commissioned work was designed with hand pinned Swarovski crystals. This set is finished in gilded gold antiqued.
Rockhold New Orleans, custom lighting in 30 days. Stop by and take a peek, SOON!
These “Apollo” chandeliers come in any circumference size. Shown is gold leaf 14”.
Gorgeous hand forged steel, ”WISTERIA” with a original corbel remnant from Nee Orleans.
Just add glass and you have a wonderful end table! One of a kind masterworks from New Orleans!

Custom Metal Furniture and Sculpture

Wall mout Laurel mirror with nest.  Gorgeous hand made custom frame with hundreds of hand forged leaves with berries.  The NEST is one of Rockhold’s finest!
Renowned for his beautiful nest’s this one completes the mirror!
Powder rooms or at the end of a hallway this hand forged steel calls you to it. What a GORGEOUS frame!
GORGEOUS custom one off fire screens! With heavy gauge mesh and it’s removable on a separate frame for easy cleaning in off season!
Grape vine with cast iron panels 40” x 40” x 6” deep is Rockhold’s latest fire screen (almost finished).
Faceted steel on this one with a heavy gauge removable screen.
Hand forged bamboo made in house, FAB! Gold leaf with raw umber to age the piece.
Cheval mirrors in stock, AWESOME! Natural polished steel and hand forged this is one of David’s finest works!
Passion flowers in bloom make up this incredible frame!
One of a kind mirrors from David’s New Orleans studio at the end of Canal Street.

Custom Iron Tables are hand made to order with 30 day turnovers.  We design or fabricate your design!


Bathroom vanity base in custom sizes ready to go in 30 days!
Natural steel and a faux brass make a PERFECT match for this client’s powder room. Sealed with a automotive grade matte clear!
Floating vanity with handmade tassels, how BEAUTIFUL is this custom piece!
As with all his work custom colors come with each piece and seal with commercial grade clear to lock it in.
Wall sconces ”Mahone” in champagne with ionized bronze. Beautiful sets ready to install!
Custom sconces ready to install in 30 days! Rockhold will design a pair with you for custom handmade lighting unique to your home and style.
The ”Apollo” is hand shaped steel and cast acanthus leaves 8” tall shown. The gold leaf with a ionized silver rub is FABULOUS! Removable diffuser for easy cleaning and can be used without for More direct lighting.
Shown here without the diffuser and the armature is just as beautiful as the frame. Works of art and individually made custom to the size and color you need.
The ”Medusa” freehand sculptural lighting in natural steel.
You always have the option of colors with leafing or faux finish..
Rockhold’s ”Magnolia” lends to traditional chandeliers with a touch of hand forged leaves made in house. The oil rubbed bronze is a favorite combination with the gold gilding! This one has amazing light.
All it takes is a touch of artisan lighting to make your home exceptional. ”Jackson Ave.” shown here is a perfect example and what a great amount of light they displace!
Ready for the dining table and chairs, Rockhold’s ”Babs” is the toast of the party!


David C. Rockhold designs and fabricates fine metal furnishing and sculpture.  Born in New Orleans Rockhold has built up a strong following in the region. I love to design works based on fond memories that clients describe to me over a cup of coffee.  Designs  are based on complimenting a particular space in their home, sometimes we do a chandelier in one room maybe a fire screen or table in the other.  I like a home with a touch of custom iron work!  Much of my style comes from memories of fishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico .  The long rides from the Venice or Empire docks thru the bayous or down the Mississippi.  Exploring on foot or by bike Audubon and City Park as a boy left a great impression.  Even gardening with my mom and grandmother,  spending much time at local nurseries exploring the diffferent plants and trees.  It’s amazing all the things ones mind holds on tight to from childhood and then comes forward later in life that make you at peace when working/creating.  Making furniture is very personal to me and I have enjoyed the time spent designing with clients, designers and architects just as much as the build.

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