Custom Metal Benches and Stools

Chauvin stools are hand made in Rockhold’s New Orleans studio.  Below are in 12k white gold leaf with a bronze rub.  The wraps are solid brass.  Matte clear sealer is used.


Bamboo sculptural stools.  Hand forged steel with swivel seat.  These are semi polished steel with commercial grade matte clear.  Custom sizes made in 30 day turnovers.  Prototypes below Available 850. each

Red Fish stools to receive 3″ pad.  These stools have a broad support for back and are relatively lite.  Polished steel with a Matte Clear.     525. each

My latest bench is finished and ready to deliver.  This piece has a strong undercoating so it may be used outdoors. Color oil rubbed bronze with ionized bronze/gold highlights.   2300.

LOVING this bench!  Neo classic all hand bent in studio.   High polished steel with gloss clear.  58″ x 45″ b x 21″d        2900.

“French Wreath” stools and chair designed by Rockhold.


“Marie Louise”  360 swivel polished steel with high gloss steel.  These are hand made in Rockhold’s studio and turnover 30 days!     510. each

“East Coast” received a 3″ cushion.  Solid stool!    425.

“Chauvin” these are a labor intense highly designed stool. Very sexy, good weight and they sit well.    725. each

“Ionic” column back swivel 360.  Smooth round with 18″ seats.  Polished steel with copper accents.  Original design by Rockhold.

“Jeannie” broad back chairs receive 3″ pads    425.