“NEW”, pieces for sale!

Mirror with Sunburst

1700. 54” x 36” widest point

Hand forged steel with old New Orleans architectural sunburst.

Lighting hoops with oak leaves (sculpture)


48” and 24” LED hoops with dimmer accompanied by hand forged oak leaves. Fabulous wall mount or can be used on a ceiling too!

Queen Live Oak bed


Custom beds handmade by David in his New Orleans studio!!!!

Polished steel with amber clear

Hand forged steel from Rockhold’s studio!
Beautiful canopy with forged leaves. This breaks down into shippable pieces.
The bark is hand placed and is incredible!!!
We can custom make these in 6 week turnovers in any size or color.

Table base

Montana gold or custom color choice

1400. 29’(H) 14” x 28” THIS CAN BE ORDERED IN ANY SIZE

2” FRAME handmade in Rockhold’s studio

Coffee table 1400.

one in stock 38” x 18” (H)

Montana gold with matte clear

One in stock. You can have a top made…
Upholstery not included. Can be used with a wood top as well.

Bistro table 29” with 21” top handmade in Rockhold’s studio. (SOLD)

oil rubbed bronze

1100. (SOLD)

Oil rubbed bronze. Outdoor primer used.
Great hand made piece.
Note the top on this one is same as below. Below is the actual base. GORGEOUS!!

”Magnolia”, Rockhold’s latest piece. A incredible pendent sculpture with 7 lights. 4’ – 2’ (w). Ready for install 3500. In natural steel finish.

“Vineyard” a daybed designed and fabricated by Rockhold.

One of the most fabulous daybeds on the market. Hand forged steel from New Orleans artist David C. Rockhold. The inspiration for this piece came from the view from under a group of grape vines in a vineyard. Laying on the ground and looking up Rockhold thought it was just a amazing view. The shade from a canopy of leaves with glorious clusters of grapes hanging. He felt this was such a peaceful place he recreated it in his daybed. Old growth vines on four corners lead up to a canopy of hand cut leaves and sculptural grape clusters. Each leaf is hand drawn, cut and shaped while hot. This process is all done by hand. The grape clusters are welded together and shaped as they are layered together. Each cluster is different from the other and the colors are incredible, blues, purples and grays with a chrome base. The finish is a polished steel with a matte clear.

6800. (One in stock)

A peaceful resting place in the sculptural daybed, “Vineyard”.
Fabulous canopy of leaves and grape clusters!


Shown in polished steel and silver leaf. Hammered tapered legs with steel top. These come in custom sizes and color.

Shown is 1200. and available for immediate pick up or delivery.

These tapered legs are beautiful 1” to 1/2” at the feet.
Rockhold’s signature feet are fabulous on this piece. Polished steel is always a eye catcher!
Silver leaf aged by Rockhold, a beautiful top!


Shown below are pretty amazing. The larger sconce has catkins, which are the male flowering oak. Catkins are labor intensive but incredibly beautiful. These are hand forged steel oak leaves Rockhold makes in his studio.


These catkin are fabulous!
In natural steel finish. These can be colored/faux finished if desired. We custom make to fit your needs!

“WIND SWEPT” (shown below)
CUSTOM CHANDELIERS are a big item in New Orleans and custom made is a must.

Shown BELOW is Rockhold’s “Wind swept”! Hand forged steel with wood implements. The finish is natural but may be finished to suit you home.


Blowing in the wind! These hand cut black oak leaves are fabulous. The tassels on this one are gorgeous! All handmade in Rockhold’s studio.
The best artisan made lighting from New Orleans!
A in person visit to the studio is always WELCOME! Mid City @ the cemetery end of Canal street
We design custom lighting to make your home completely unique. One of a kind pieces!


Shown in gold leaf with raw umber rub. FACETED steel frame and those hammered legs, WOW!

1600. with one in stock.

We can custom make in 30 day turnovers upon request. As with everything custom at Rockhold’s colors/finishes are available too.

The frame is faceted by hand. The legs are hammered steel with long tapers, 1” to 1/2” at the feet.
A closer look at the faux finish with gold leaf.
This is a natural finish piece. The faceted steel is formed by hand by Rockhold!


Shown below with swivels in aged copper. These come in any color as well sized to fit your area. Comfy low back and handmade GORGEOUS artisan work from Rockhold’s studio.

425. per

CUSTOM COLORS AND SIZES in 30 day turnovers!

LOVE the color on these swivel stools!
POLISHED STEEL is very popular with a matte clear!
I hand make all our stools with heavy duty swivels!
Zoom in on the color! Raw umber and a touch of verde green on the copper to age.

Custom back rests, this is all hand made in the studio. The feet detail is a Rockhold original!

CUSTOM BENCH (outdoor version)

This one is a gorgeous statement for the garden. Drawn out to seat two in the perfect resting spot.
4500. one in stock

Polished steel with gloss clear. Marvelous work by Rockhold!


These are incredible hand forged works by Rockhold. They can be used as sconce or chandelier. Shown in natural metal finish they remind one of a glorious canopy in the forest. These can be custom sized and faux finished to fit your area.


4’ x 8’ x 10” deep shown in black oak

4’ x 8’ x 10” Black Oak
We can make these in any shape or size for sconces. Beautiful sculpture for your home handmade by Rockhold!
Bark detail has fabulous bronze and pewter tones!
The bark on this is insanely beautiful. The amount of time and effort Rockhold puts into his work is impressive!
Live Oak sculptural chandelier, a free hanging tree canopy!
These fixtures are free hanging and stay close to the ceiling. What a great idea for adding sculpture to your home.


A FABULOUS work by Rockhold and can I say the bark on this one is the BEST! Moving from the bedroom with his amazing tree beds Rockhold sets his sites on the living room for a more 21st century approach to leisure. Relaxing with friends in a sculptural daybed is the shit!
Hand forged steel in true artisan fashion, the hours spent creating this are many. The bark is hand hammered then placed by hand to creat a mosaic. After which the texturing done with the welder is phenomenal SERIOUSLY phenomenal. No better bark than this. Black oak leaves are the canopy and those too are made in Rockhold’s studio. Cut from heavy gauge steel each one is drawn out, cut, then shaped by hand while hot. Each one unique from the other. The bed breaks down into many pieces for shipping.

6800. (SOLD)

We have one in stock READY TO GO!

The BEST tree beds on the continent from Rockhold New Orleans! “In the Wind” daybed shown
Hand hammered bark with welded texture, SO FINE!!!
A canopy of leaves to rest under in this FABULOUS sculptural daybed. Handmade wonders from Rockhold



This was a spec piece we are looking to sell.

Bamboo forged lighting in gold leaf with raw umber for aging.

1800. 18 light hand forged in studio

24” x 10” x 28”(h)

Please feel free to contact Rockhold. dcrartist@gmail.com