Sculpture in Steel

David’s most recent, Magnolias!
Sculpture for your ceiling. A true work of art!!!
The days creating all the pieces are incredibly long and hard but once you get to this point the FUN begins. This is what the chandelier above looks like before you assembly.
7’ x 7’ x 14” projection cylindrical shadow lighting with hand forged oak branches.
Hand forged leaves made in New Orleans studio. Independently mounted and can be done with or without lighting hoops.
These pieces are shown in natural steel but may be painted if desired.
David makes FABULOUS trees and this dining table shows. Commissioned by client in burnished gold faux finish.
The color and texture bring the steel alive on this piece. David has almost 30 years experience in his field.
A 16’ tree commissioned for a restaurant. 12” base/trunk made in 13 or so shippable pieces. LOOK AT THE GORGEOUS SHADOWS ON THE CEILING! Holiday decorations embellish this pic of the sculpture.

Gorgeous Oak tree recently completed for First Pentecostal Church

(GW Fins New Orleans) commissioned works design by Rockhold in concert with owners.

This dual sided sculpture acts a divider between bar and main dining area.  Fins menu items of fresh seafood are the main focus in the design.  When you look at sculpture from a distance you can see the large grouper, as you mover closer all the individual sea life comes into focus.

One of our finest restaurants in the French Quarter.  Be sure to take it in on your next visit!

(Houston live oak) commissioned work

16’x 4″ (h) with 10′ canopy  and a 10″ trunk circumference

1800 hand foged oak leaves made in house

Oak tree is designed to break down into shipable pieces and was installed into a existing restaurant,  OUTSTANDING!

(Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House New Orleans) commissioned works

2 hand forged crabs with crown and frames to mount fabricated in Rockhold’s studio.

(Ralph Brennan’s Redfish Grill) designed in concert with Bockman & Forbes

Underwater hand forged kelp and bubbles made from 300+ hand cut stained glass and mirrors by Dallas artisan.   The stained glass and mirror are huge like earrings and have a 3ver so slight motion when the air moves,  INCREDIBLY COOL!

“Gulf of Mexico” revisited

Love the natural aged patina on this piece after years outside at clients home,  GORGEOUS!

(West coast ocean scene) commissioned work designed in concert with Deborah Udin and friends then fabricated by Rockhold.

7′ x 5′ x 8″ (d)  I enjoyed designing this piece with FABULOUS  clients to remind themselves of dives they had gone on.  The detail on this one is AWESOME!  This is one of the most labor intense forged pieces I’ve EVER done.  LOVE IT!

(Gulf of Mexico) commissioned work

8′ x 8′ x 10″

Gulf water scene represents the clients menu of fine fresh seafoods served.  This one was hand forged and paint by Rockhold.

SCULPTURE IN THE WORKS!  Lots of fish, shrimp, kelp and LEAFING.  Going to install the stain glass in this one, back lite with LED’s and wall mounted.  LED’s will illuminate the stained glasss from behind.  LOOKING FORWARD TO COMPLETION!