“Magnolia” 8 light 3500.

A hand forged wonder. Rockhold’s latest sculptural chandelier and it is over the top. 48” across and 27” deep plus the down rod.

The magnolia blooms are beyond fine! With hand forged leaves individually made.
The hand turned buds are gorgeous!

Bonsai pine lamp with Weavers nest. 3500.

Absolutely LOVE this one! Rockhold’s signature bark makes this one pop. His Weavers nest is outstanding and intricate with hours of handmade wonder. The handmade shade is gilded on the inside for a warm gold when lite. Standing about 4’ tall this would make a great table lamp!

Hand forged lighting 1800. pair

4’ and 5’ tall wall mount @ 22” (w) x 16” projection

Hand forged steel leaves made in house. Natural steel and can be faux finished or gilded. Gorgeous dramatic design and one off at Rockhold New Orleans!

Shown here a gilded sample!

West coast sea sculpture 3500.

Hand forged steel in natural raw finish with matte clear. Kelp, coral, mussels, urchins and fish and just GORGEOUS! A two piece sculpture with bold sea anemones attached to rocks. “LOVE the movement Rockhold achieves in his works”, is a consistent compliment received.

2 piece sculpture made to be arranged as you see it best.
Anemones are hand made and AMAZING!
Mussels in sea grass, hand forged goodness…
(color is optional on theses works)

Custom daybed “ARTISAN BASICS” 1400.

Backless and with a 2 1/2” arm, LOVE the gold/bronze piping! The cast iron legs are incredible with great crossmember detailing. Rockhold’s signature feet are always a winner!

The natural steel can be paint in your color code but WOW the polished steel is really attractive.

The cast legs are optional with MANY styles to choose from.

The artisan bed “HANDMADE” 🖤

1500. to 2800. is totally customizable and all handmade in Rockhold’s studio.

Polished steel or natural finish. The headboard is sheet steel and has GORGEOUS veining similar to marble. Rockhold hand pics the piece for patter beauty!

Below: choice of finials is always a winner and they are easy to swap out if you want to change your look!

The headboard can be easily drilled and plywood cutout used for custom fabric insert.
OPTIONAL: footboard may be added too!

Custom daybed with incredible Black Oak tree 6800.

Amazing daybed with incredible hand forged bark. Black oak leaves in the 500 count range. Handmade and each one is unique! These also break down into shipable pieces.

In stock and close to finished!

Daybed with handmade bark and leaves.
“In the Wind” a GORGEOUS daybed!

Tree bed 10500.

Handmade wonder by Rockhold in polished steel. One of the most unique beds ever made a popular design. Hand forged leaves made in house and each one hand placed when welded to branches. The bark is also hand placed and welded one piece at a time.
We have a queen in stock, ready to ship.

Tree bed 12500.

These are handmade in New Orleans and 6 week build time. 500+ hand forged leaves. This one stands 9’-6” and is a queen. Shown in polished steel but color is available.

Holm oak trees in polished steel, FABULOUS!
With nests, birds and acorns. Breaks down for easy moving/shipping!